Code to Careers Program

Studies show there may be up to a million unfilled high-paying technical jobs in the United States by the year 2020. The new "Code to Careers" is a community based team of Riverside's educational, private, and public partners who have come together to create computer programming ("coding")  programs for kids in Riverside. Our aim is to empower Riverside's kids with the coding skills required to apply for such high-paying jobs.

Are you a kid who wants to learn how to code?

See our board-game-style roadmap below that shows you various paths you can take to learn programming skills.  Meanwhile, try Code.org for free online computer coding lessons using fun game-like tools.

Additional Coding Resources

Visit the following sites to learn how you can learn computer coding:

Attention Teachers, Schools, and Community Centers!

Need volunteers to start your own coding club in Riverside? Contact SmartRiverside for a list of volunteer coordinators in Riverside.  

Code to Careers Map

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